MaryAnne July 21, 2022

MaryAnne | 2022-07-21 01:29:15

"I found this station by accident playing around with my I Phone I’m in NY & usually listen to Q104 out of NYC however since finding this station I don’t listen to anything else I love Montana even though I’ve never been lucky enough to visit my dream would be to relocate there and this station just sincerely rocks (plays more Stones than anyone else) what a fabulous find it’s fabulous on so many levels. Keep rocking Montana is so lucky to have you! Love from NYS "
Chad Hardonkaberry November 22, 2021

"Really love the music and local flavor of this great radio station. Sports play by play is great too."
Rich C November 22, 2021

"Fantastic local station that is very community oriented, always positive and always keeping us updated about what's goi g on locally. Bobbie and TJ are amazing"