FM 99.3 The Mountain “Silver & Gold Four Promotion” Rules October 2022

From November 14th-December 19th (except weekends & holidays) between 6am-5 pm

We will play our “Silver & Gold Four Promotion” sounder on the air. When listeners hear it, they must be the correct caller or texter (determined by station discretion) @ 406-446-1199 to win. November 14th-December 16th listeners call in to win a silver piece.

  • All those prior silver piece winners as well as the correct caller on December 19th will be eligible to win our grand prize of a gold piece.
  • Winners must be 21 years or older to win.
  • Winner of all prizes are responsible for all taxes licensing and or fees affiliated with the contest.
  • All winners consent to FM 99.3 The Mountain that their pictures, voice, names or likeness can be used for promotional purposes to be used on the air or Websites/Facebook page.
  • All winners must pick up prizes 30 days after Dec 31st (or Jan 31st 2023) or will forfeit prizes, no exceptions!
  • No employees or family members of “FM 99.3 The Mountain”, other media outlets or participating sponsors are eligible to win.
  • Winners and their family members must wait 99 business days from the date prize was won in order to participate in any contests on FM 99.3 The Mountain.
  • Winners of silver & gold pieces will receive rules in the mail sent by FM 99.3 The Mountain as to not be any misunderstandings.
  • Listen to FM 99.3 The Mountain for more details.