T.J. The lovely lady D.J.

Montana native , born in Helena, Mt.


Married into radio when she married Les King.

She graduated from Dillon, Mt. Beaverhead County High School &

married in 1980.


T.J. and Les have 4 children , all grown & married with family of their own.

Those 16 grandkids highlight their life .


The longest on air talent since 1994, you can hear her on the air from noon to 6 every weekday.

Other duties include administrative and helping with promotions.


TJ loves being a part of the community she lives in and helping serve in her church and other people in the area.


Her Favorite FM 99 the Mountain traditions are collecting food for the food banks and the Red Lodge area Fun Run for charities.


She loves Fall & crafts & spending time with her hubby & family.

Favorite sayings ...” Its not about having the time it's about making the time” and “Be thankful for what  you have.”

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